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Daily personal budget for households

Our challenge

From scratch, develop the mechanics and prototype an app that helps individuals and families keep track of their budget. And to help present the solution in front of the internal team in the company.

Used skills

Product Analysis

Our solution

Taksa helps you organize your spending and counts how much money you have today - so you can get your money under control.

We conducted a market research and tested decisions that concern TAKSA TsA. After a field study, we came up with a user-flow of our future product. Having made the Low-Code prototype, we began to test and modify it in the CA group.

Our team interviewed users within two months and iteratively improved User-Flow. As a result, an option was developed that delight users. And UI was already completed on it.

Work process

We started work on the TAKSA application, with the definitions of requirements for the product and the search for solutions existing on the market for the requirements received.

Then we determined the tsa. And they conducted a study of the needs of the CA, dividing them into several groups.

Having received priorities from the client by segments, we began to study all CX solutions, as well as decisions outside our market.

With the help of interviews and studying the market analytics, we allocated several “pain points” for each of our TRA groups.

In several ITERRATIONS, we collected a prototype, which was sequentially improved, including on a focus group provided by the client.

The final turned out to be MVP, which completely satisfied the customer's focus group.

MVP was stabilized and adapted to sales channels in advance with the client.

Design Contents

As a result of our study, we came to the main issue of our Tsa: How can I spend today?

And then we have developed a CX mechanics that answers this question in the most cooked and effective way.

Write down how much money you have for this month.

Salary. Cash. The rest on the map. Other income. How much can you spend?

Plan mandatory expenses. Saving.

Large purchases. Rent. Loan payments. Gifts. What will you have to spend money on?

Be in the know how much money you have every day.

Taksa will consider how much you can spend daily - on anything, without a feeling of guilt.

Our results

The output turned out to be a working product (MVP), which is completely ready for testing channels and presentation for the client.

Thanks to the improved UI/UX, the TAKSA.App application helped the client more consciously managing his finances. He no longer experiences stress due to budgeting and can enjoy confidence in his financial stability.






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